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2m Oralight Chrome Yellow (94) - 5524694-ORA31-094-002

2m Oralight Chrome Yellow (94) - 5524694
Référence : 5524694-ORA31-094-002
Marque : Oracover
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Description du 2m Oralight Chrome Yellow (94)

2m Oralight Chrome Yellow (94)

Weighing only 36 g/sq.m including thermo-active adhesive ORALIGHT is an absolute lightweight. ORALIGHT is the ideal solution if you need to reduce the weight of your construction to a minimum. ORALIGHT shares the superior qualities ofCaractéristiques :
Re-positioning - the only covering film giving you a second chance without fear of colour-layer separation.
Fuel-resistant - tolerates temperatures up to 250C and can be painted and is highly adhesive.
Impeccable finish - follow the application instructions and there will be no bubbles and no sagging.
Tough - made of genuine polyester ORACOVER is extremely tough and gives your model airplane additional stability. The patented polymerised multi-layer colour-bond is practically indestructible.Foam-safe - can be applied to foam parts without problem as the specially formulated adhesive is already activated at only 80C.


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