Cessna 195 - WAT-128391

Référence : WAT-128391
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Description du Cessna 195

Ce produit est arrêté

new Cessna 195 combines the timeless beauty of this classic tail-dragger with a convenient size and the power of their Super Cobalt 400 motor.
Cessna's 195 was the icon of executive transportation in the late 1940's, and has become a highly prized show-plane today. Speed, looks, and comfort were the 195's calling card.
This park sized 195 features a molded plastic fuselage with fully built-up balsa wings and tail, covered with real iron-on film.
The model is capable of all 4 channel aerobatics, and the included Super Cobalt 400 motor provides plenty of power for fast climbs and vertical maneuvers.
Scale details include wheel pants, gear leg fairings, and the scale "bumped" radial cowl. Steerable tail-wheel allows taxi and scale ROG takeoff.
The 195 features a scale color scheme of white with dark yellow and black pinstripes.

Scale Molded Fuselage, cowling, and wheelpants
Wood Build-up wing and stabilizers
Attractive scale color scheme
Includes Cobalt Motor
Detailed Manual
Easy to Assemble

Wing Span: 35 inches
Area: 240 square inches
Length: 27.75 inches
Weight: 28 ounces
Wing Loading:17 oz/sq.ft.
Functions: R/A/E/T
Power: Super 400 Cobalt & 7x4 prop (included), 7 CP1300 cells (Not Included)

Other Equipment Needed:
4 channel radio with micro servos (CS 9 recommended)
variateur 30A
PF-12 Battery Charger or similar recommended (130108)
CP1300 7 cell battery required (128577)


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