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Mini Show Time 4D E-flite - EFL2500

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Mini Show Time 4D E-flite - EFL2500
Référence : EFL2500
Marque : E-flite
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Description du Mini Show Time 4D E-flite

Mini Show Time 4D E-flite

Based on the popular Hanger 9® ShowTime 4D ARF, E-flite’s Mini ShowTime 4D is designed to excel at high-performance artistic aerobatics.  The Mini ShowTime 4D's light wing loading, side force generators and outstanding power-to-weight ratio give you a virtually limitless flight envelope to explore in the pursuit of artistic or freestyle excellence.  Hanging-on-the-prop high-alpha 3D, knife edge loops, precision pattern maneuvers—the Mini ShowTime 4D excels at it all when matched with E-flite's potent Park 480 Outrunner, 1020Kv (EFLM1505).  And it comes out of the box 90% completed with the fiberglass cowl and wheel pants already painted for you. All you need are your electronics and a couple of evenings of assembly to get flying.

The excitement of artistic aerobatics meets the functionality of an electric park flyer in the Mini ShowTime 4D ARF. The Mini ShowTime 4D ARF is a smaller version of the Hangar 9 ShowTime 4D and is an “Artistic Aerobatic” model that extends the possibilities of 3D aerobatics. Artistic aerobatics is an increasingly popular form of aeromodeling expression that awes audiences with its mixture of show stopping aerial maneuvers and dramatic musical accompaniment. To keep up with the intricate maneuvering involved in artistic aerobatics, a special airplane is needed.

E-flite’s new Mini ShowTime 4D ARF is a unique Mike McConville design that is equipped with innovative new SFG Technology™—Side Force Generators that provide extreme yaw authority and control to help perform a virtually limitless display of extreme 3D and precision aerobatics. Designed with lighter wing loading, it delivers precise 3D performance and aerobatic capabilities to the ever-growing park flyer segment.

Also contributing to the ShowTime's extraordinary performance is its lightweight balsa wood construction, making this plane very easy to control.
Powering-up the Mini ShowTime 4D is straightforward because this plane is designed for use with E-flite’s Park 480 Outrunner motor, which offers both proven performance and accessible pricing in the electric motor segment. The Mini ShowTime 4D exemplifies durability and style with its included painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, and aluminum landing gear. The genuine UltraCote™ covering enhances the remarkable trim scheme and adds durability to this already resilient plane.

Mike McConville is a veteran IMAC and F3A competitor with over 200 wins to his credit. In addition to the Mini ShowTime 4D, he has designed over 40 other aircraft for Hangar 9 and E-flite.

Key Features

  • Includes optional Side Force Generators™ for an extra dimension of yaw authority
  • Light wing loading for excellent slow-speed 3D precision
  • Designed for use with E-flite’s Park 480 BL outrunner
  • Lightweight balsa and plywood construction
  • Steerable tail wheel
  • Two-piece wing for easy assembly and transport
  • Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
  • Painted aluminum landing gear
  • Easy-access magnetic hatch
  • Covered in genuine UltraCote®

Product Specifications

Wing Span: 1090mm
Overall Length: 1065mm
Wing Area: 26.7 dm2
Flying Weight: 795 - 820g
Motor Size: Park 480 (1020Kv)
Radio: 6-channel (for proper mixing and dual rate capabilities)
Servos: (4) E-flite S75 Sub-Micro servos
Trim Scheme Colors: Lite White (HANU973), True Red (HANU866), Bright Yellow (HANU872), Deep Blue (HANU873), Transparent Blue (HANU954)
Spinner Size: 1-3/4 in diameter
Hardware Included: yes
Speed Control : 40-Amp Brushless ESC
Recommended Battery: Thunder Power 3S 11.1V 2100 mAh Li-Po
Approx. Assembly Time: 4 - 6 hours

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