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F-27B Stryker camouflage RTF Electric (Int l) Parkzone - PKZ1200

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F-27B Stryker camouflage RTF Electric (Int l) Parkzone - PKZ-PKZ1200
Référence : PKZ1200
Marque : Parkzone
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Description du F-27B Stryker camouflage RTF Electric (Int l)...

F-27B Stryker camouflage RTF Electric (Int l) Parkzone

New Features:

* A one-piece Z-Foam wing for truer flight performance out of the box
* 3-cell 2100mAh Li-Po compatibility for the option to fly with the included Ni-MH battery pack or a Li-Po pack
* An included optional Li-Po performance propeller for flying with Li-Po power
* Vented compartments for electronics to allow for battery packs and electronics to stay cool during flight
* Heavy-duty elevon hinges for increased durability and flying precision
* 3-channel FM radio system (including transmitter)
* Eight AA batteries for the transmitter and a 7-cell 8.4V 900mAh Ni-MH
battery pack are included so pilots can get in the air fast * 1.2A variable rate DC peak charger so pilots can quickly charge battery packs while at the flying field
* Two flight modes selectable from the transmitter so pilots can fly in the mode that’s most comfortable for them
* Fully proportional elevons and throttle make controlling the F-27B Stryker more precise
* Powerful direct-drive 480 motor for solid performance
* Flux ring around the motor aids in cooling to improve motor efficiency and power output
* Exclusive X-Port plug-and-play accessory system for expandable fun with the Sonic Combat Module (HBZ4020)
* Reusable receiver/ESC unit and servos to allow pilots to reuse components in other planes
* Factory-applied paint and decals take the work out of making the F-27B Stryker ready for flight
* Large control surfaces for maximum roll and pitch authority

Overview :
The F-27B Stryker™ combines a powerful 480 motor, spine tingling agility and X-Port™ functionality to provide a park flying experience unlike any other.
Its advanced Mode Change Flight Control™ system lets pilots choose between two flight modes with just the flip of a transmitter switch.
Pilots can also plug in the optional Sonic Combat Module™ (HBZ4020) into the Stryker’s X-Port and take on similarly equipped ParkZone™ or HobbyZone® airplanes in air-to-air combat.

Specs :

Wing Span: 37 in (950mm)
Motor Size: 480 Power, direct drive
Radio: 3 proportional FM channels on the 27MHz band
Trim Scheme Colors: Grey fuselage with grey, olive drab, and black camouflage paint scheme and black and grey decals
Speed Control : Power FET porportional ESC/receiver unit
Recommended Battery: 7-cell 8.4V 900mAh Ni-MH (included)
Transmitter Range: 2500 feet (762 m)
Available Frequencies: 6 Frequencies on the 27MHz band
X-Port: Yes
Charger: 1.2A Variable rate DC peak detect
Landing Gear: No

Needed to Complete :
You don’t need anything more than what comes in the box. This is truly one-box purchase fun that’s ready for flight. Just charge the battery and go fly!


Caractéristiques techniques
700 (mm)
7-cell 8.4V 900mAh Ni-MH
580 (g)

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F-27B Stryker camouflage RTF Electric (Int l) Parkzone
Rédigé par
jean-marc martin
5 on peut-on trouver des pieces de rechange?
avez-vous de quoi pour le transformer vaec moteur brushless et accus lipo merci
5 / 5
F-27B Stryker camouflage RTF Electric (Int l) Parkzone
Rédigé par
jean-marc martin
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5 / 5
F-27B Stryker camouflage RTF Electric (Int l) Parkzone
Rédigé par
HASLE kévin
5 C'est un trés bon avion idéal pour les débutants dans la voltige, assez facile a piloter juste un petit détail négatif il faut consolider un peu le nez de l'avion afin d'eviter de le perdre au cour d'un atterissage mal reussi, mais exellent avion dans l'ensemble.