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R1 Rock Buggy 4WD Crawler ARTR Rouge 1/10e ROUGE - GM51001-TBC

Référence : GM51001-TBC
Marque : Gmade
Niveau Intermédiaire
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Description du R1 Rock Buggy 4WD Crawler ARTR Rouge 1/10e RO...

Ce produit est arrêté

The R1 Rock Buggy is a shaft driven crawler that replicates the look of a high performance rock buggy, and delivers performance that makes it a capable scale recreation of the real thing. The molded composite tube frame features an incredibly realistic appearance, and clear lexan body panels allow you to add a personalized touch to your rig. But this design does more than look the part, it provides protection to your electronics, and keeps everything safe when you tumble down the rocks.

Other notable features include tough universal slider shafts that deliver the power from the transmission to the unique 'Portal' high clearance front and rear axles. Plus, with a fully sealed transmission, the awesome G-transition shocks, and standard 2.2 size wheels, the Gmade R1 is destined to become a standard in the world of rock racing crawlers.

Gmade R1 Features:

    Tube Chassis: The R1 tube chassis is very light and firm. The radio plate, battery plate and center skid plate are all built into the chassis. The 3D chassis offsets the external shocks effectively.
    Portal Axle: Portal axles simply mean the drive axles are above the center of the wheels. This gives the R1 greater ground clearance beneath the axles than other trucks using the same tyres.
    Portal Gear: The R1 portal gear offers high ground clearance and can reduce speed.
    Transmission: The perfectly sealed R1 transmission is dust proof. Full ball bearings are placed at all axis of the gears. You can also adjust the gear mesh backlash exactly the way you want because the motor mount cap can be opened and closed for you to see in.
    G-Transition Shock Absorbers: The G-Transition shock settings can be changed to suit your driving style, courses and terrain. This can greatly upgrade your driving performance.
    Bighorn Tyres: The Bighorn tyre gives your car better grip in rock crawling and off-road conditions. The large soft rubber tyres offer excellent traction nearly any where you roam.
    2.2" GT Beadlock Wheels: Stylish dual sided beadlock wheels. Only eight screws secure the wheel making tire maintenance and replacements quick and easy.
    Body and Decals: The body panel has been cut to fit the R1 chassis. Sticker decals are also included so you can customize your rig just the way you want it.

Spec Check:

    Width: 290mm (11.4 inch)
    Height: 190mm (7.5 inch)
    Length: 440mm (17.3 inch)
    Wheelbase: 310mm (12.2 inch)
    Wheels: 56mm (2.2 inch) Dual side beedlock wheels
    Tyre Height: 136mm (5.3 inch)
    Tyre Width: 59mm (2.3 inch)
    Tyre Inner Diameter: 56mm (2.2 inch)
    Axle Ground Clearance: 55mm (2.2 inch)
    Center Ground Clearance (Droop Set-up): 75mm (3 inch)
    Center Ground Clearance (Sprung Set-up): 95mm (3.7 inch)

Required for completion: 2-Channel radio system & high torque steering servo, 540 size rock crawler motor & ESC, Battery pack & compatible battery charger, Pinion gear & Paint.

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