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Futaba R5014DPS - 41mhz - 14 Channel 2048 PCM Receiver - R5014DPS

Futaba R5014DPS - 41mhz - 14 Channel 2048 PCM Receiver - R5014DPS
Référence : R5014DPS
Marque : Futaba
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Description du Futaba R5014DPS - 41mhz - 14 Channel 2048 PCM...

Developed alongside the incredible 14MZ transmitter, the R5014 synthesised receiver is the first 2048 PCM receiver in the world, yet is smaller than many 9 or 10 channel receivers.

Using Futaba's WFSS (Wireless Frequency Setting System) to set the channel number does away with crystals, and does not require access to the receiver, making channel number changes quick and easy, giving more flying and less waiting for a clear channel.

Ideal for large and complicated models, particularly jets and over 20 Kg aircraft, with a full 14 servo outputs without a need for "Y" leads, the R5014 will be the receiver of choice for the professional flyer.
Dimensions:     26.5 x 37.7 x 14.3mm
Channels:     14
Current:     N/A
Weight:     17g


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