Hyperion moteur Z-3007 26-Turn 1236Kv - HYP-HP-Z-3007-26

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Hyperion moteur Z-3007 26-Turn 1236Kv - HYP-HP-Z-3007-26
Référence : HYP-HP-Z-3007-26
Marque : Hyperion
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Description du Hyperion moteur Z-3007 26-Turn 1236Kv

Hyperion moteur Z-3007 26-Turn 1236Kv

Caractéristique Technique
Poids : 75gr
Diametre: 4 mm
Lipos: 3S
Controlleur min: 20A

The new Z30 Series Hyperion Outrunners are big brothers to the immensely popular Z22 motors, and share their quality in materials and design.
From front to back, only the highest quality materials and components are used.
The arrangement of twelve stator poles and fourteen magnet poles is primarily responsible for the high torque the Z Series generates on direct drive.

One thing you'll notice immediately about the Z30 series is the tapered nose. It isn't just pretty!
There were two design objectives accomplished: The extra length in the bearing tube means that the spacing between the three bearings is increased, which provides much needed extra support to the outer rotor. Motors without this feature tend to develop high-frequency vibration which can loosen magnets. Equally importantly, the tapered nose has an end diameter of only 28mm and a set of mounting holes with 19mm spacing, which allow it to mount in places similar-sized outrunners never could before.
The wires also exit 12mm (~1/2") behind the motor face, which means that there is clearance for the wires even in tight glider fuselages.

These motors have the highest efficiency we have ever recorded, up to 85%, and everybody who has tried them remarks on their tremendous power and cool running temperatures.

  HP-Z3007-26 HP-Z3007-30
Stator Diam. mm 30 30
Stator Length mm 07 07
Weight g 75 75
Outside Diameter mm 37 37
Length mm 31.8 31.8
Output Shaft Diameter mm 4 4
Mount Screw Diameter mm 3 3
Max eff. Current A 15-20 13-18
Peak current A 28A 30sec 25A 30sec
LiPo cells 2~3 2~3
NiMH & NiCd cells 6~10 6~10
Winding 26T 30T
Resistance Ohm 0.060 0.070
Io A 1.8 1.2
KV rpm/V 1240 1050

For the technically inclined

The stators are hand-wound in an optimal pattern for copper packing, so we get less resistance for a given number of turns. The stator plates are produced via a CNC process that insures uniformity, and made of a new silicon steel with superior permeability at high induction. The stator plates are finished with a lifetime anti-oxidant coating, to eliminate losses which can occur due to magnetic shorting from corrosion. The magnets are especially made for the Z Series motors, and are rounded on both bell and stator sides.

The result it that contact area with the bell is complete, and this has two benefits: First, heat transfer is maximized, so the magnets are much less subject to damage from overheating. Second, the full contact with the bell on one side, and matching curvature to the stator on the other, means that the magnetic flux lines are complete and optimally shaped; this means higher efficiency, lower incidence of motor stalling, and smoother starts. The magnets themselves are produced in one of the foremost factories in the world, and are the latest type, featuring both an extremely high temperature rating and high magnetic strength.
They are retained by fingers in the bell-end, and attached with a special high-temp glue made for the Japanese space program. We think it's just about impossible to throw a magnet, or temperature de-mag these motors.

Finally, the high-speed, shielded stainless bearings in the Z Series are made by NMB Japan; expensive for Hyperion to install, but well worth it for smoothness and longevity.

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