Power Pack pour AVions Graupner Flite Test - FT4505

Référence : FT4505
Marque : Graupner
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Description du Power Pack pour AVions Graupner Flite Test

Ce produit est arrêté

The Power Pack for the single-engined models of the Swappable Series

The FliteTest / Graupner Power Pack C (Fixed Wing Large) includes everything you need to power and build twin-motor models from the Fixed Wing Large series. The only components you need in addition to be able to fly are a transmitter, a receiver, a battery and a battery charger. The supplied motor and ESC are equipped with 2mm gold connectors, as well as an XT-60 connector. We have made a perfect selection of components that makes it as easy as possible for you to have fun at your hobby and save you time in selecting the components.

The Power Pack C, Fixed Wing Large is perfect for the following Flite Test aircrafts

FT Sportster Speed Build Kit WR (No. FT4108)
FT Racer (No. FT4122)
FT Duster Speed Build Kit (No. FT4126)
FT Mig3 (No. FT4131)
FT Bushwacker WR (No. FT4105)
FT Explorer Core Kit WR (No. FT4106)
FT Explorer WR Foam (No. FT4114)
FT Otter (No. FT4116)
FT Spear (No. FT4117)
FT Viggen (No. FT4118)
FT Bloody Baron Speed Build Kit (No. FT4128)

Product features
    Perfect choice of components
    Equilibrated balance of power and power consumption
    Quickly assembled

Dans la boite Power Pack pour AVions Graupner Flite Test
1x Flite test LiPo storage bag
4x Linkage connections
1x 300 mm Y cable
2x 200 mm extension cable
1x 2 mm hex key
1x Phillips screwdriver
1x ULTRA 2812 1200KV brushless motor CCW
2x ULTRA 30 A SBEC BL HELI S 2-4S XT-60 speed controller
6x 9g servo
2x S-PROP 9x5 propeller

Recommended accessories

    Radio Control mz-12 HoTT, DE, 6 channel (No. S1002.77.DE)
    GR-12 HoTT, 2.4GHz, 6 channel receiver (No. 33506) or GR-12 HoTT, 6 channel + 3-axis gyro receiver (No. 33576)
    Power Pack LiPo 3S / 1000 mAh (No. 78110.3)
    Power Pack LiPo 3S / 1800 mAh (No. 78117.3)
    Power Pack LiPo 3S / 2200 mAh (No. 78122.3)
    Ultramat 14 plus, Li, Pb, Ni battery charger (No.6464)

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