FS One w/Mode 1 Controller Hangar 9 - HANFS1

Référence : HANFS1
Marque : Hangar9
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Description du FS One w/Mode 1 Controller Hangar 9

FS One w/Mode 1 Controller Hangar 9

With FS One you get more than photorealistic fields, gorgeous skies and realistic looking aircraft. You get incredibly advanced aerodynamic modeling that simulates every possible aspect of real-world flight.

Key Features
* Highly Accurate Flight Models and Aerodynamics
* Realistic Ground Handling
* Realistic Damage Modeling
* More Than 25 Different Flying Sites
* State-of-the-Art Graphics
* Extensive 3D Flying Field Viewing Options
* Flight Recorder
* Mode 1 Controller

FS One Precision RC Flight Simulator includes:
• TacCon controller
• 4 Installation CDs
• FS One USB interface
• JR and HiTec/Futaba (**round plug) adapter cords
• Color-coded key command card
• “Quick Start” guide

** Using Futaba transmitters with the micro plug will require HANS3030 (sold separately). Airtronics adapter (HANS3020) also available.

Highly Accurate Flight Models and Aerodynamics
• Airplane flight models developed by renowned aerodynamicist, Michael Selig, PhD
• Realistic simulations of RC’s most popular airplanes, helis, sailplanes, jets and park flyers
• Extensive high-alpha (high angle of attack) "post stall" effects

High-fidelity aerodynamic modeling that accurately depicts the effects encountered during 3D maneuvers, such as:
• Hovers
• Walls
• Knife Edge/Knife Edge Spins
• Harriers
• Elevators
• Spins
• Blenders
• Parachutes
• Waterfalls
• Torque Rolls
• Rolling Harriers
• Lomchevaks
• Realistic stalls, including tip stalls
• Engine/propeller torque and gyroscopic effects
• Ground effect and propwash effects
• User-definable wind, thermal, and turbulence effects

Realistic Ground Handling
• Grass and pavement surfaces modeled to produce different effects on handling
• Aircraft can cartwheel and tumble

Realistic Damage Modeling
• Effects of impact with ground and other objects modeled
• Airplane parts can break off when damaged

More Than 25 Different Flying Sites
• Both photopanoramic and 3D flying sites
• 5 3D sites
• 20+ photorealistic panoramic sites

State-of-the-Art Graphics
• Highly detailed, photorealistic 3D aircraft models
• Movable control surfaces, rotating wheels, flexing gear, etc.
• Exceptionally realistic fields created using satellite and aerial photography
• Reflective aircraft surfaces
• User selectable photorealistic skyscapes
• Sun lens-flare effects
• Smoke and exhaust effects

Extensive 3D Flying Field Viewing Options
• Pilot on ground
• Chase view
• Full zoom in/out, move in/out features
• Padlock to target/objects
• Lag and lock cameras
• Freeze camera with tracking

Sailplane Features
• Hand launch
• HiStart (bungee line)
• Winch
• Tow plane (tow up the sailplane)
• Variometer support
• Thermal soaring
• Slope soaring
• Dynamic soaring

• Flight training modules and tips by world-class RC pilots

Flight Recorder
• Save your greatest FS One moments and share them
• Multiple aircraft playback support
• Fly with recorded aircraft
• Extensive video playback controls

Joystick/Transmitter Interface
• Interface works with most industry transmitters
• TacCon™ controller that simulates 7-channel transmitter
• Transmitter interface for use with real transmitters of up to 8 channels
• Keyboard support provided for additional aircraft controls
• Support for standard game joysticks included
• Built-in two-pilot support, useful for towing sailplanes and pylon racing

Gaming Features
• Bomb Drop – Hit aerial or ground targets with bombs or bottle rockets
• Pylon Racing – Go head-to-head against another pilot in two-player mode,race against the clock or race recordings of your best laps.

Included Airplanes:
HobbyZone® Aerobird Xtreme™
Hangar 9® Alpha™ 40 (Trainer)
E-flite® Ascent™ Park Glider
BVM Bobcat XL
Hangar 9 Cessna 182 Skylane
Hangar 9 F4U Corsair 60
Hangar 9 Edge 540 33%
HobbyZone Firebird Commander
Hangar 9 FuntanaS™ 3D 40
Hangar 9 FuntanaS 3D 90
ParkZone® J-3 Cub
ParkZone Slo-V™
BVM MiG-15
Hangar 9 P-51 150
Piper Pawnee
ParkZone F-27B Stryker™
Hangar 9 T-34 Mentor 40
Hangar 9 AT-6 Texan 60
E-flite Tribute 3D Profile
Hangar 9 Twist™ 3D 40
E-flite Ultimate 3D Profile
Hangar 9 Ultimate TOC 46%
Hangar 9 Ultra Stick™ Lite 120

Included Helicopters:
E-flite Blade™ CP Micro Heli
E-flite Blade CP w/Training Gear
E-flite Blade CX Coaxial Micro Heli
E-flite Blade CX w/Training Gear
JR® Voyager™ E 3D
JR Voyager E CCPM Heli
JR Voyager 50
JR Voyager 50 (Trainer)
Bell Long Ranger
JR Vigor™
FS One Jet Copter SX


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