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Récepteur AR12120 12 voies DSMX/Xplus Power Safe -UK - SPMAR12120

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Recepteur AR12120 12 voies DSMX/Xplus Power Safe -UK - SPK-SPMAR12120
Référence : SPMAR12120
Marque : Spektrum

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Description du Récepteur AR12120 12 voies DSMX/Xplus Power S...

Récepteur AR12120 12 voies DSMX/Xplus Power Safe -UK


The Spektrum AR12120 is a 12-channel DSMX PowerSafe receiver that gives you the option of adding extra channels simply by plugging a Spektrum X-Plus8 channel expander into its SRXL port. This makes it ideal for scale modelers who like to push realism to the extreme with working accessories and lights, in addition to regular control functions - all in one small packages.

The PowerSafe battery system of the AR12120 incorporates redundant, dual-battery leads for use with battery systems up to 10 volts. Besides the ability to supply all the power your aircraft demands, the AR12120 also includes four small, remote receivers that let you take advantage of patented DualLink technology that ensure a comprehensive safety network on multiple levels.

The Spektrum AR12120 PowerSafe™ offers the ultimate solution for powering high-current draw radio systems. In aircraft with multiple high-current draw servos (e.g. giant-scale aircraft, jets, etc.), the AR12120 PowerSafe can provide peak current of up to 50 amps and offers true dual battery redundancy and a fail-on soft switch for the ultimate in reliability. By locating up to four remote receivers throughout the aircraft, the RF link can be optimized in even the most demanding aircraft installations that have significant conductive materials like carbon, stainless steel bypass tubes, tuned exhausts, etc. For models high in carbon fiber content the SPM9646 DSMX Carbon Fiber Remote Receiver is compatible with the AR12120.

• Giant-scale aircraft
• Jets with multiple high-current draw servos
• Scale aircraft with multiple high-current draw servos and accessories (e.g. lights, ESCs, air valves, etc.)
• Scale helicopters

The PowerSafe main unit is not a receiver. The PowerSafe’s main unit is a power distribution center that provides up to 35-amps continuous and 50-amps peak current to power your system. Through extensive testing our engineers discovered that mounting the receiver in the typical location in sophisticated aircraft (an aircraft with many high-current draw servos and/or conductive materials), at the end of the servo and battery leads, is not the optimum location to provide the clearest RF signal. The AR12120 PowerSafe uses up to four (a minimum of three are required) remotely mounted receivers that can be optimally placed in your aircraft providing the best possible RF link in the most demanding conditions.

Product Specifications
# of Channels:
    2.05 in (52.0mm)
    1.83 in (46.5mm)
    0.60 in (15.3mm)
    2.54 oz (72 g)
Voltage Range:
Antenna Length:

Key Features

    12-Channel DSMX PowerSafe Reciever
    True dual battery redundancy—each battery is isolated and if one fails/shorts the other takes over
    Utilizes up to four remote receivers for the ultimate RF link in even the most demanding applications
    Up to 35 amps continuous and 50 amps peak current handling capability
    Fail-on soft switch in case the switch is damaged
    Two types of failsafe—SmartSafe™ (throttle only) and preset failsafe (all servos)
    QuickConnect—if a power interruption (brownout) occurs, the system reconnects in less than 1/2 second
    Flight Log compatible
    Heavy 16AWG dual battery leads with pre-wired E-flite® EC3™ connectors
    Compatible with all Spektrum™ and JR® full range radio and module systems
    2048 resolution
    X Plus™ compatible

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