jet TIGER SHARK 400 D/F motorisation brushless - JP-Tigershark

Référence : JP-Tigershark
Marque : JPerkins
Ce Produit est arreté

Description du jet TIGER SHARK 400 D/F motorisation brushles...

Ce produit est arrêté

jet TIGER SHARK 400 D/F motorisation brushless

* Motorisation - inclus moteur brushless turbine et controleur
* Envergure - 700mm
* Poids - approx. 500-550g
* Radio - 3-5 voies R/C (profondeur - direction- ailrons - gaz - train)
* Batterie - 3S li-poly 11.1V
* Longueur - 760mm
* Recommendé servo - 9g ou 8g SERVO

un jet vraiment très sympa avec une motorisation conçue pour au top !

Once in a while a model arrives with a ’You’ve REALLY, REALLY got to fly me, honestly, Sir!’ label on it.
This is one such model.
It whistles like a fullsize jet in flight, it ripples through on low fly-bys like a big, cushy fanjet and handles on approach like a friendly pussycat. But open it up and let her rip and you’d better have Top Gun fingers because this is the real McCoy!
It’ll cross a county in a flash and loop through cumulus! And that pure turbine whine will knock you speechless and send your socks through yer boots!
The bright red and white factory-painted colour scheme really stands out well - and you’ll need it too as you pass through cloudbase with throttle wide open!
This is the sort of performance from a kit ducted fan electric jet that we’d only dreamed about - out-of-the-box out-of-sight performance, great looks and excellent visibility at humongous speeds.
We completely forgot the battery timer and dead-sticked in from a quarter of a mile out on a glide angle that would make most sailpane pilots chins hit the deck. What a model!

The peachy brushless DF motor, speed controller and fan unit are included with the kit, as are moulded wings and tail feathers with the smoothest knife-edge trailing edges you’ve ever seen! The fuselage is finished in white with spray-painted red trim and a cheery vinyl decal sheet is included too. A complete hardware pack is included too.
Fully illustrated instruction booklet (9 pages). It’s a winner!

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jet TIGER SHARK 400 D/F motorisation brushless
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Jean Vaqué
5 Le mien est bien arrivé ce jour.
Merci Marion pour cette aide au choix au téléphone.
C'est mon premier ... 1er vol cet aprem
merci à vous a bientot pour les pieces ;-(