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Turbine schuebeler DS-30-DIA 3-ph fibre - DIV-DS-30

Référence : DIV-DS-30
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Description du Turbine schuebeler DS-30-DIA 3-ph fibre

The DS-30-DIA 3-ph - Highest performance and efficiency for the 69mm class

The DS-30-DIA 3-ph is the answer to the fast development of batteries and motors in the past few years. The DS-30-DIA 3-ph is designed for the highest power input and can handle rotational speeds up to 50.000 rpm.

The development of the DS-30-DIA 3-ph is a result of all research and experience we have made with carbon fibre EDF's since 1994.

The concept is based on the DS-51-DIA 3ph. The main features like the diagonal rotor design and the fluid mechanical calculation are equivalent to its big brother.

All parts of this fan are made of carbon fibre in CNC machined molds. The production of all parts is made in our own workshop in Germany which guarantees the highest quality level.

The DS-30-DIA 3-ph reaches its high efficiency due to the optimum combination of number of blades, blade depth, airfoil and thickness distribution. The rotor is exactly matched with the stator.

Most 69mm fans suffer from heavy vibrations and resonances at higher rpm's. This is caused by a resonance which occurs because of the thin 1/8" shafts in combination with too long and too heavy rotors. The DS-30-DIA 3-ph has a very lightweight and short rotor which is fine balanced, you will be amazed about the smooth operation even at 45.000 rpm.

All parts can be used directly from the box, the rotor is fine balanced and assembled. Stator, motorformer and shroud are one complete unit, there is no extra work than installing the motor.

Technical Data:
Diameter: 69mm
Total Weight:30g
Thrust range:3,5-17 N
Max. Motordiameter:29,3 mm
Rotational speed range:22000-50000 min-1
Elektr. Power Input:0,1 - 0,95 KW
Static Fan efficiency: 673%


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