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Pitts biplan electrique - SAP-PITTS

Pitts biplan electrique - SAP-PITTS
Référence : SAP-PITTS
Marque : Sapac
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Description du Pitts biplan electrique

Sport Aerobatics comes takes on a whole new look of scale dimension with this semi-scale Pitts Bipe from WattAge. You�ll enjoy brisk flight performance with this updated version of the classic Pitts Bipe that flies more like a 40 size sport bipe than like a micro bipe. And because the wings are 1 piece and the parts are all factory built, final assembly is quick and easy. So, you�ll get to the field quick with a scale bipe you�ll love to fly. Features: * Lightweight construction * 4 Ailerons for added roll authority * Plastic scale molded fuselage * Wood built-up wings * Factory covered * Aluminum landing gear Specs: * Wing Span (Upper): 28.75 inches * Wing Span (Lower): 27.25 inches * Total Wing Area: 280 square inches * Length Overall: 25.5 inches * Weight : 25-28 ounces * Wing Loading: 12.75-15 ounces per square foot Items Needed: * 4 Channel Radio * Mini Receiver * 4 CS-09 Servos * "Y Harness" * 3 cell Rechargeable Lithium battery * Charger for Lithium Battery (WattAge Charge-It-All Sport) * Brushless Motor * Motor Controller to Match Brushless Motor * Propeller to Match Motor Selected


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