Spektrum Nitro Telemetry package - SPK1300

Référence : SPK1300
Marque : Spektrum
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Description du Spektrum Nitro Telemetry package

Ce produit est arrêté

Spektrum Nitro Telemetry package

Features :
* Monitors Temperature to maximize performance and eliminate costly re-builds
* Battery voltage display prevents runaway crashes in nitro cars
* RPM display shows top-end speed
* Quality of signal monitors RF link strength
* Lap Counter/Timer helps analyze results of performance tweaks

It's a tool that no serious racer will want to do without – a tool that gives you the kind of information that helps you tweak your car for maximum performance. And it's all packaged in one convenient box.
If you're a serious racer, you're probably way ahead of us in figuring out Spektrum Telemetry's benefits. But we'll list them nonetheless.
There are benefits like engine-saving feedback to help maximize performance while preventing costly failures and rebuilds. And the elimination of dumped rx packs means no more crashes or DNF's due to battery failure in nitro-powered vehicles.

Besides that, Spektrum Telemetry's lap timing helps you analyze the effectiveness of tire and gear selections, suspension tweaks, etc. Plus it backs up race organizers' lap counting systems.
Add its RPM sensing to give you a handle on your car's actual speed, plus the Quality of Signal feature to monitor RF link strength, and you've got the whole package.

SPM1320 Handheld Unit 2.75 x 2.60 x 1.25 3.6 (with battery) 2.4GHz Digital Receiver n/a
SPM1325 On-Board Module 1.08 x .725 x .48 0.1 n/a n/a
SPM1450 Head Temparature Sensor 8.25 wire length n/a Thermistor -35º to 575º F
SPM1452 RPM Sensor 6.3 wire length n/a Infrared 0-50,000 rpm
SPM1453 Lap Counter/Timer Sensor 6.3 wire length n/a Infrared 0-99 laps/.01 sec. increments
SPM1501 Sensor Mount Hardware: .21-.26 2.36 x .32 x 1.25 0.1 Aluminum n/a
SPM1502 Sensor Mount Hardware: .21-.26 1.78 x .32 x 1.25 0.07 Aluminum n/a


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