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Moteur Toki .40 Heli avec Echappement Long - DIV-TOKI40

Moteur Toki .40 Heli avec Echappement Long - DIV-TOKI40
Référence : DIV-TOKI40
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Description du Moteur Toki .40 Heli avec Echappement Long

Toki .40 Heli Engine with Tuned Muffler

Size: 6.66cc / 0.403 cu in, Bore 21.6mm / 0.85 in, Stroke 18.0 mm / 0.71 in, Weight (engine only) 324g / 11.43 oz

The Toki-40H is a powerful .40 size engine in a .30 size case, operating range from 2,000 to 21,000 RPM. This is a ball bearing engine with a ringed piston & silicon carbide plated cylinder sleeve. Any muffler for .36 to .39 size engines can be used. We recommend the Toki special tuned muffler for optimum performance. It is a .40 engine with near .50 size performance. No bench break-in means you'll be taking to the skies in no time- perform the break-in (in the model) by opening the needle valve ¼ to ½ turn more than normal. This new engine will deliver the highest level of premium performance for .30 sized helicopters, from ultra-stable hovering to extreme 3D. For easy installation the engine mounting dimensions are the same as popular sized .32 engines. The Toki-40H will fit into any .30 sized heli that uses a fan hub that doesn't require an engine drive washer. The Toki-40H is capable of powering a helicopter with a gear ratio of 9.625:1 and blades up to 600mm in length. For peak performance, Toki's tuned muffler is optimally matched to this engine.

Extra Information:
Suggested fuel: 15 to 30% nitro with minimum of 20% oil
Normal needle setting 3-3/4 turns
Horsepower: 1.4 or better depending on fuel and muffler used
The motor is supplied in a matt black finish.

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